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Protect what matters to you

  • Secure your files
    on any device
  • Track wherever
    they go
  • Always be
    in control

Print Screen

Disable print screen when a file is
opened. Duplicates are history.

Tracking & Revoke

Keep track of your data by getting an
overview of everything you shared.

With one click you can see it all.
With one click you can pull it all back.

Time Box

Temporary sharing. You decide for how
long information is available ex:
10 days, 2 hours or 5 minutes.


Decide where a file
can be opened.


Keep control after sharing your files, prevent unwanted reshares.

...or just enable
more options

  • Edit

    Users can look at it, but they can’t edit it.

  • Copy

    Users can look at it, but they can’t own it.

  • Offline Access

    Allow offline access when needed.

  • Printing

    Prevent people from printing your files.

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