Connect your Dropbox or Box account and get a standard subscription for 6 months free.

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  • Free

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    Free includes
    All these awesome features:

    • Free 100GB Storage (limited offer)
    • 500 Protected Files
    • All Sharing Features
    • Realtime Revoke
    • Access to 3rd Party Integrations
    • Free Native Apps
    • QNote Editor
    • Offline File Access
    • Basic Versioning
    • Single Sign on
    • 2-Factor Autentication
  • Standard

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    Standard includes
    Everything in Free, and:

    • Unlimited Protected Files
    • Limited Versioning
    • Custom Reports
    • Group Account
    • Admin Tool/Control panel
    • Free 100GB Storage
    • All Sharing Features
    • Realtime Revoke
    • Access to 3rd Party Integrations
    • Free Native Apps
  • Plus

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    Plus includes
    Everything in Standard, and:

    • Basic Versioning
    • Active Directory
    • Advanced Versioning
    • Admin Tool
    • Free 100GB Storage
    • Unlimited Protected Files
    • All Sharing Features
    • Realtime Revoke
    • Access to 3rd Party Integrations
  • Enterprise

    We have special pricing for enterprises.

    Contact us and tell us how many seats you need.

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    Enterprise includes
    Everything in Plus, and:

    • Team Account
    • Active Directory/Single Sign on
    • Sharepoint App
    • Custom Storage location
    • Unlimited Storage
    • Unlimited Protected Files
    • All Sharing Features
    • Realtime Revoke
    • Access to 3rd Party Integrations
    • Offline File Access
    • Basic Versioning
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    “Quiver allows us also to audit the usage of corporate information and implement our security policies effectively. Quiver brought us a platform that ensures an entirely new vision of safe collaboration by protecting file sharing against information leakage.”

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    “With Quiver we can now share files and safely collaborate. For Bold as a company it is crucial to maintain the secrecy of our work, and that is where Quiver comes in with safe and easy sharing. Sharing proposals and important files with a timebox is definitely our favourite feature.”

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“Give back to Caesar what is Caesar's”

Not the caesar's salad

Most companies charge you whether you use their service or not.

We believe in being fair and honest, which means we will not charge you for accounts that you are not using or are inactive.

This means if you are on a paid plan, and become inactive, we will even give you a pro-rated credit.

And if you are using a team account or business account, we will not charge you for user that are or have become inactive.

That’s only fair.

Good Causes

Quiver likes to support good causes all around the world, and to contribute to all the good causes everywhere we want to help out.

Get started

  • How do I signup?

    You can signup for free in the top right corner of our website. Click in the “Get 100GB for free” button to create a new account, if you already have an account click on the “Sign in” button to access your account.

  • How can I share a file or folder?

    Web App
    Login to your account and click on the left menu “My files”.
    You have two ways to share a file:
    1. Click on the menu to the right of your file (Three dots icon next to the activity stream) and you will see the “share” option;
    2. Click on the file you want to share to preview. In the file preview you will see on the bottom of it a green button with “share”.

    Login to your account and click on the “My files” view.
    You have two ways to share a file:
    1. Slide to the left on the file you want to share and you will see the “share” icon;
    2. Click on the file you want to share, In the file preview click on the share icon and add the protections you wish.

    Folder sharing
    To share a folder, the steps are exactly the same, without the possibility of generating a “preview” of the folder.

  • Do I need to download the mobile app to use Quiver?

    Yes. Why?

    To access and being able to use certain features such as viewing screenshot protected files, or geolocation, using the mobile is required.

    Also, with the Quiver mobile app you will have all your files at hand since your online activity in Quiver is automatically sincronized with all your devices.

    In case of you need you can instantly share quivered files or folders from anywhere at anytime, and have complete visibility on the audit trail of each file.

  • How can I edit my Files?

    You can edit your files (Word, Powerpoint Excel) within Quiver, so you don't even have to download your files to edit them in your local apps.
    This way you can create and edit files a lot faster, and empower collaboration.

  • Does the person I share my files with need to have a Quiver account?

    Yes. The person can create a free account to access the files you shared.

    It is necessary to open a quivered file in an Quiver environment (website mobile app or desktop) in order to assure your files are safe and you keep ownership.

    This is the only way you can assure the protection features indeed protect your information.

Quiver is Secure

  • Can i share my files without restrictions?

    Yes. However, even if not adding any restrictions your files are Quivered, this means that you keep control over your files, in a way that if you change your mind later on and still want to add protections or revoke file access this is still possible.

    We recommend however that you at least add a copy/edit protection, and prevent forwarding, to be sure your files stay only with the intended recipient.

  • How is my login secured?

    Your account is secured using two factor authentication, this the default. You can decide disable it after your first successful login.

  • Where are my files stored?

    Your files can be stored wherever you want, in Quiver , Dropbox or Box or your harddrive.

  • What happens when I upload my file into Quiver?

    When you upload your file, it is quivered by default. This means it will get secured no matter where it is stored. You will actively have to give access to people who may see it.

  • How does Quiver protect files when the user is offline?

    The Quiver protection lives inside your file without any impact on the file extension or size, this way your file is always secured.

  • Can I change the security settings after I shared a file?

    Yes, you can always edit the security settings after you have shared your files. Just go to the ‘Shared with others’ tab and pick the file to edit the protections. Setting are sent to the document in real-time.

Managing Data Access

  • How can I restrict access to my files?

    Your file is encrypted by default, but you can add different layers of security by adding protection features; Timebox / Geolocation / Print screen / Print / Edit / Re-share / Revoke. You can choose to just add one, or add more.

  • Can I take a file back even if it has been downloaded?

    Yes. Regardless of the recipient has downloaded the file, you are still able to revoke full access.

  • Can I enable multiple locations where a file can be opened?

    Yes. You can add more than one location.

  • Can I use my Quivered files when I am offline?

    Yes. When your Quivered files are on your hard disk you don’t need an Internet connection to open them, as long as you have the desktop client installed (coming soon).


  • Which file types are supported?

    Quiver supports all Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, JPEG, PNG, MP3 and MP4 files.

  • On which devices can I use Quiver?

    Quiver can be used on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Mac OS (Coming Soon) and Windows (Coming soon).

  • When Quivering a file, will something happen to the extension of the file?

    No. The extension of your file will stay the same.


  • Can I connect my Dropbox or Box account?

    Yes you can easily connect your Dropbox account, by navigating to the Settings or Integrations tab in the Quiver webapp. In Settings you can connect Dropbox or Box, and afterwards, you will find your Dropbox folders and files in the ‘Integrations’ tab.

    Also, as a Bonus, by adding your Dropbox or Box Account, you get the Standard Subscription free for 6 Months :) isn’t that nice?

  • Do you have other integrations available ?

    Yes. We have lots of integrations available for our Enterprise package, to make a seamless integration for your company, or as individual. Examples are Sharepoint, Active Directory, Okta, among others.

Pricing & Support

  • Where can I find pricing information?

    You can find pricing information on the pricing page right where you are.

Quiver for Business

  • How can companies use Quiver?

    Companies can use Quiver to empower people to collaborate while protecting all information at file level.

    Quiver enables companies to Securely use cloud services and collaboration across devices. Quiver works with everyday products such as MS Office, and Adobe PDF. Every document is different: therefore, the user or administrator sets the level of protection, using our admin tool.

  • How does the admin tool work?

    The admin tools allows companies to use security features by default and set predefined settings for individuals, groups, departments or file types. This way companies can customize the Quiver to suit their needs.

  • What are my collaboration options?

    Quiver allows easy collaboration with the build-in Editor and custom messaging commenting system on each file.

Synchronization & Data Storage

  • Can I synchronize my files between different devices?

    Quiver can be installed on your mobile devices and on your laptop, synchronizing automatically and in real time between devices all files and folders.

  • How much storage do I have to upload files on Quiver

    There is 100GB Storage Free for your files (limited offer). However, with the free package you have a limit of 500 Shares. You can connect your Dropbox or Box Account to get the Standard paid subscription for 6 months FREE! ( no credit card required)

  • Is there a limit or maximum to how big my files can be?

    Yes the limit for free accounts is 5 GB

  • Is there a limit to the files I can share?

    Yes. This depends on your Quiver subscription. When you use the free account, you have a limit of 500 Shares. With any other package you can send as many files as you like.

    You can connect your Dropbox or Box Account to get the Standard paid subscription for 6 months FREE! ( no credit card required)