all the time

  • Be in control of your information by setting policies in real-time knowing your personal or company information is never out of reach.
  • Use real-time policy settings to determine how long a shared file should be available, the location it can be viewed at and the ability to Edit/Copy, Print or make Screenshots.
  • Offline file access can be granted by the owner whenever needed. Pre-set policies can be applied to every new share made by users or groups. All in Real-time.

Adopt without
any obstacles

  • Quiver is simple, fast and easy to use. You can share your files through our mobile apps, web app, and desktop client (coming soon).
  • Every picture, video, document is protected at file level, and embedded with our security features. That means you are able to control its full lifecycle, share your private pictures, videos and all other files with confidence and peace of mind.
  • Transferring large files is possible through our applications without the use of third party cloud applications, this way you have everything in a single place.

Edit and share files
with anyone, anywhere

  • You can Edit your files through the Quiver web app, Share securely via email, the cloud, or storage platforms like Box and Dropbox.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies travel with your files at the data level. Your files will be unreadable to unauthorised users. These unauthorised users may request access to a file; the file owner can decide, upon receiving the request, whether or not to grant access to view or edit.

Create a secure environment for
your business in no time

  • Quiver has integrations with Active Directory, SAML, openID, Okta and O-auth, so your business can keep running the way you are used to. Use our advanced admin tool to define rights and policies for people, files and groups.

Easily track every
file you sent out to the world

  • Quiver allows you to send out “one-to-many” messages with links to files or attachments. Only the recipients who you have granted access to, will be able to view or edit these files. Set files to expire once their contents are no longer valid or relevant. The file owner will always be able to limit access to prevent unauthorised usage.

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Secure all your files
no matter where they are stored

  • Connect your Dropbox and Box Accounts and share your files with Quiver to keep them under control. If you connect your Dropbox or Box account now, you get the Standard Subscription for 6 Months FREE! (no credit card required)
  • Quiver has minimal impact on your workflow, and empowers you to collaborate fast and efficiently.
  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Drive
  • Microsoft

Create automated
security policies

  • Quiver is for everyone! Quiver protects your files from the moment you start using it. You can secure files from the command line and build into scripts, regardless of their storage location.
  • Securing all your files is easy with our default security settings. Just add Quiver automatically to all your files without additional handling from you or your receiver.

Know what
happens to your files

  • Get full analytics on your shared files. Know by whom, when and where your files are being viewed. Prevent forwarding and make sure that your information isn’t being misused.

with Regulation

  • Highly confidential data such as medical records and insurance data are subject to rules and regulation
  • On top of the default Quiver security layer you will also have an extra layer, that allows you to track your data. Protect your files in a way that only the right people have access to them, and can’t forward or copy.

File level Protection

  • Define granular permission on your files, such as screenshot, geolocation and timebox protection, and easily define rules and policies for specific persons, groups,servers, networks and types of files
  • File level protection means that you can control files even after download and email distribution, delegate control through multiple administrators
  • Revoke, Unshare and Change restrictions instantly, and make sure your files are always under control!

Share files for a limited time,
Integrated in your Native Apps

  • Do you need tighter control? Just create a “time bomb” on a file, so it will only be available to the recipients given a certain timeframe. You decide when a file becomes unreadable for the recipient, so you will always be in control.
  • All within your favourite apps such as Word, PPT, Excel on Windows and Mac OS.