Why work for Quiver?

There are a only a few times in your life when you’ll encounter an opportunity to join a company at this stage.

We’re building the next great technology company, and we’re looking for world-class talent to help us achieve our vision.

You’ll join an amazing team of ambitious people who are singularly focused on one thing – using technology to improve people’s lives.

Meet our Super Heroes

The real Gentleman.

He receives you like Royalty: opens the Quiver doors to all new people, like no other.

She is our messenger-cat.

She reports to you everything that is going on. Sleeps a lot, but wakes up whenever necessary.

Join us around the world

From the cold of Amsterdam
to the sun light of San Francisco or Lisbon.

  • Amsterdam

    10-minutes from the heart of Amsterdam. Eat healthy and play table-football & ping-pong.

  • Lisbon

    Have a Portuguese life: eat well, have fun in the sun, and party like rockstar.

  • San Francisco

    Deep in the soul of sillicon valley, enjoy the calm surrounding of Palo Alto and get inspired by the best and brightest.

We have a name for those who quit too. It's a Quitter.